La Ablitense Виды растительных масел


Web accesibility give the ability to access to this web and its contents to all the people regardless from which their disabilities or which spring from the context application ( whether technological or environmental ).

The pages on this web site have been designed and checked according to the guidelines defined in the 'Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0' document, dictated by the WAI group of work, becoming to the W3C.
The aim of these guidelines is to explain how to make web content accessible to all the people. To reach this aim, there are some principal measures that has been chosen:

Images: There has been included alternative versions in a text way for important graphic contents.

Keyboard Brief: It makes the access easy to all different section in a fast and direct way. The main shortcuts available in this web are pointed in the menus with an underlined letter in its own link. ( Example: to access to “ Products “ menu, its shortcut is “p”). The way of activate all the shortcuts adepends on the using browser.

Note: Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror, Omniweb, Safari (low 1.2 versions), Opera Windows/Linux (low 7.0 versions ) does not support keyboard shortcuts.

Texts: The fonts used in the Web site have relative dimensions, which means that the user can control his size from the navigator who is using.

Design, browsing and interactivity: Trying to obtain a consistent coherent navigation in all the Web site, following such structural schemes in all the pages.

CSS: Information has been separated from its graphical presentation  so the users who wish to do it can go by the contents faster, not allowing  the unloading of style sheets in its navigator. Validated style sheets according to W3C institution,.

Accessibility Level: The Web ite has been validated with TAW  tool and reviewed with different devices, the reached level of accessibility is double-To (AA) with some of the triple-To (AAA) rules fulfilment.

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