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Olive Oil with Denomination of Protected Origin of Navarra  is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from the varieties of olive from Arróniz (autochthonous), Alberquina or Empeltre localised in several of the 135 locations in the South of Navarra which go to make up the protected geographic area of the Denomination.

It stands out for being a balanced, complex olive oil with an intense fruity attribute (over 3), endowed with an aroma with hints extending from green olive to spices and mature olives.

Olive Oil with Denomination of Protected Origin of Navarra has a specific quality and unrivalled characteristics obtained by the specific conditions both of the area in which it is produced as well as the production system deployed to make it.

The picking of the olive is carried out directly from the tree, preferably during the months of October to February. This picking has historically been carried out by traditional methods such as harvesting or knocking down, stretching out on the ground suitable blankets to avoid the deterioration of the olive. Technological advances and the actual development of society have led to the fact that currently part of the picking is carried out using more sophisticated methods such as the use of vibrators or combined harvesters.

Olive oil with D.O.P. has the ideal characteristics for dressing salads, as well as for making all kinds of dishes which require olive oil. Olive oil with D.O.P. is a vital ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, the byword for health and well-being.

The company Aceites Ablitense commercialises one of the best Olive Oils with D.O.P. Navarra under the commercial brand La Alcuza.

Available Sizes: 750 ml

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