La Ablitense Oils

La Ablitense Oils

Industrial Ablitense is a family-run company based on the packaging and distribution of both olive and vegetables oils

About us

AceiteSince we started as Industrial Ablitense beyond 1976 our company has evolved into a strong, maturity and competitive one, becoming today a reference in the oil market.

Our thinking of overcoming, make us work so hard every new day to obtain our customer’s highest level of satisfaction, offering them our services according to their necessities. Also this work is to give to the market the highest quality products.

The philosophy of our company is that our customer must have a preferential treatment so we are able to give an individual, personal and adapted to their known necessities.

We are a Spanish company and our facilities are located in the South of Navarra, in a town called Ablitas.


Olive Oils

Sunflower Oils

Frying Oils

Other products


Calidad ISO

This method of work involving the implementation of a quality management system, has been strengthened through the obtaining of the Quality Certificate in line with the UNE-EN ISO 9001.

The quality policy of Aceites La Ablitense is available to interested parties upon request.

Camino Viejo de Cascante, s/n · 31523 Ablitas (Navarra) Spain · Tel. +34 948 813 003 · Fax +34 948 813 520
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